Burger topping blamed for Toronto food poisoning

TORONTO (AP) — Toronto’s public health department says a food poisoning outbreak that caused more than 220 people to fall ill at an annual fair was caused by a contaminated topping put on burgers.

Symptoms of food-borne illness were first reported Aug. 20 when paramedics initially treated 12 people at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition, sending five to hospital.

Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s medical officer of health, said Tuesday that the maple bacon jam on top of the cronut burgers_a cheeseburger with a croissant-donut bun — was contaminated by a bacterium.

Epic Burger and Waffles, the vendor that sold the cronuts, closed on Aug. 21 but can now reopen if it doesn’t serve the jam.

The health investigation is focusing on Le Dolci, the supplier of the jam, to determine how the contamination occurred.

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