Insurgent attacks in Iraq kill at least 46

BAGHDAD (AP) — Insurgents bent on destabilizing Iraq are carrying out numerous attacks across the country, striking targets as varied as a coffee shop, a wedding party convoy and a carload of off-duty soldiers.

At least 46 people were killed on Sunday.

The attacks are part of a months-long wave of killing that is the country’s worst spate of bloodshed since 2008.

One of the day’s boldest attacks happened near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, where a police officer says militants set up a fake security checkpoint, captured five soldiers and shot them dead. The soldiers were dressed in civilian clothes and returning to base in a taxi.

Inside Mosul, the officer says other gunmen in a speeding car shot and killed a grocer.

Mosul, a former insurgent stronghold, is about 220 miles northwest of Baghdad.

Another police officer says a car bomb exploded as a judge drove past in the northern town of Balad, killing three nurses and a man who had been walking nearby. The officer says 13 other people were wounded, including the judge, his brother and a driver.

More than 3,000 people have been killed in violence during the past few months.

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