Nasdaq to resume stock trading after outage

NEW YORK (AP) — The Nasdaq stock exchange is saying it plans to resume trading at 3:10 p.m. after a nearly three-hour outage caused by a technical problem.

Trading in the Nasdaq, a major stock exchange dominated by the biggest names in technology, was halted shortly after midday Thursday. Other U.S. exchanges were operating normally, and stocks rose slightly.

The disruption sent brokers scurrying to figure out what went wrong and raised new questions about the pitfalls of computer-driven stock trading.

The Nasdaq’s freeze echoed earlier stock market snafus, such the sudden plunge in stocks in May 2010 that came to be known as the “flash crash” and the glitch-plagued initial public offering of Facebook last year.

The Nasdaq composite index was trading at 3,631.17, up 31.38, at the time of the halt.

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