S. Ill. mental health center keeps certification

ANNA, Ill. (AP) — A mental health facility in far southern Illinois is keeping its state certification after an inspection this week.

The Clyde L. Choate Mental Health and Development Center in Anna came under fire earlier this summer. That’s when investigators said employees didn’t do enough to keep two developmentally disabled women from eating items such as snaps, batteries, coins, necklaces and pen clips. Both women suffer from pica (PY’-kah), a disorder where they eat inedible objects.

But this week’s inspection of the 168-resident facility shows problems have been fixed.

If Choate had been decertified, it wouldn’t have been able to get federal Medicaid money.

Since the problems were discovered, administrators hired additional workers and added more training.

The facility is about 19 miles south of Carbondale

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