Public input sought for Detroit museum exhibit

DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Historical Society is asking the public to help create an upcoming museum exhibit about Detroit’s buildings.

The Detroit Historical Museum is creating an exhibit entitled “Detroit Decides: Our Most Celebrated Buildings” that is scheduled to be unveiled Feb. 1. The exhibit will feature three buildings that signify the spirit of Detroit as nominated by people in the Detroit area.

“Along with straight facts about each of the three buildings, the exhibit will primarily focus on stories and memories of Detroiters, demonstrating a real history of those buildings that represent the spirit of Detroit,” Tobi Voigt, chief curatorial officer of the Detroit Historical Society, said in a statement.

Nominations end Aug. 30. They may be made at the Detroit Historical Museum near the museum’s store or on the Detroit Historical Society’s website. The results will be announced in October to encourage more story submissions for the top three buildings.

The exhibit is planned for the Allesee Gallery of Culture, which opened in November as part of the Detroit Historical Museum’s $12 million renovation. Focusing on 1900 to the present, the gallery spotlights cultural icons and artifacts that hold significant meaning to Detroiters.



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