Kansas concealed carry licenses now recognized in Georgia

Conceal and Carry (KSN File Photo)

TOPEKA, Kansas – Georgia has notified Kansas that it has begun recognizing Kansas concealed carry licenses.

Georgia is now the 33rd state to recognize Kansas concealed carry licenses, and the third state to begin recognizing Kansas licenses since the passage of a new law in Kansas earlier this year.

That legislation, recommended by the Kansas Attorney General’s office, allows all valid out-of-state permits to be recognized in Kansas when the non-resident permit holder is traveling temporarily in Kansas.

Georgia’s reciprocal recognition will allow Kansas concealed carry license holders to lawfully carry concealed handguns in conformance with Georgia laws while traveling in that state.

A complete list of states that recognize the Kansas concealed carry license is available on the Attorney General’s website at www.ag.ks.gov.

There currently are 67,240 active Kansas concealed carry permits.

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