Timeline of US action in terror threat

Yemen is on high alert after authorities revealed an al-Qaida plot to target foreign embassies and international shipping lanes in the Red Sea, among other terror threats that led to the closure of 19 embassies across Africa and the Middle East. Officials say they believe al-Qaida is seeking retaliation for a U.S.-backed military offensive that has badly damaged the terror network there. Here is a look at events surrounding the plot over the past week:

—Thursday, Aug. 1: President Barack Obama meets with Yemen’s president, Abdo Rabby Mansour Hadi, in the Oval Office and praises him for helping combat terrorism.

—Thursday, Aug. 1: State Department says it will shut many diplomatic facilities throughout the Muslim world on Sunday.

—Friday, Aug. 2: State Department issues a global travel warning to Americans Friday about the threat of an al-Qaida attack.

—Sunday, Aug. 4: The State Department extends the closure of several embassies and consulates including a small number of additional posts.

—Tuesday, Aug. 6: The State Department orders non-essential personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen to leave the country.

—Wednesday, Aug. 7: Officials say suspected U.S. drone strikes kill seven alleged al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen.

—Thursday, Aug. 8: Yemeni military official says two U.S. drone strikes kill nine suspected al-Qaida militants, the sixth and seventh such attacks in less than two weeks. Since July 27, the drone strikes in Yemen have killed 31 suspected terrorists.

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