Fossa pups born at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

WICHITA, Kansas — The Tanganyika Wildlife Park announced the birth of two fossa pups.

They were born on June 3rd and for the first weeks of their lives they stayed in their nest box, as they would in the wild.

Now that the two are older, they’re beginning to explore the world, including the outside exhibit.

fossa_baby fossa_baby2

” We are excited to have more baby animals, of course, but it’s especially exciting to breed a new endangered species like the fossa for the first time,” said Tanganyika Assistant Director Matt Fouts. “We are proud to continue our tradition of being one of the most successful zoos in the United States when it comes to breeding rare and endangered species.”

The fossa, at around 20 pounds, is the largest predator on the island of Madagascar. Though they are cat-like in appearance, they are actually members of the mongoose family.

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