NBC Tourney presses on despite heavy rains

WICHITA, Kansas – A Wichita tradition will be going extra innings because of the heavy rains.

“It’s put us a little bit behind schedule,” said National Baseball Congress tournament director Casey Walkup.

This weekend featured “baseball around the clock”, 17 games scheduled at all hours of the day and night on Saturday and Sunday, but many fans were left watching the skies waiting for the rains to end instead of watching the field.

The NBC will be able to reschedule the games rained out early in the week.

“It wasn’t a problem to fill in a couple of game slots on Monday and Tuesday to accommodate for the rain,” said Walkup.

Organizers of the annual amateur baseball tournament say the championship game is still scheduled for Saturday.

It’s been run at Lawrence-Dumont since 1935, when Dumont paid legendary pitcher Satchel Paige $1,000 to bring his team to Wichita to compete in the first NBC tournament.

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