Riverfest button sales up

WICHITA, Kansas – The final results for Riverfest 2013 was released by Wichita Festivals, Inc. Thursday.

According to Wichita Festivals, Inc. President and CEO, Mary Beth Jarvis, button sales were up 38 percent from 2012 and, at 104,000, are the highest they’ve been since 2008’s 125,000.

Sponsorship revenue for Riverfest was up 15 percent from 2012.

A new “Riverfest Corporate Hosts” program for small to medium-sized businesses and several new brand and event partners accounted for much of the increase. More than 125 sponsors and media partners provided support.

Riverfest 2013, which had approximately 360,000 total attendees, saw new events added to the lineup and some old favorites reinstated.

The festival perimeter was more thoroughly gated than in recent years, and the policy requiring attendees to wear a button was more strictly enforced.

‘These changes contributed to an outstanding security record, according to our partners at the Wichita Police Department, and helped our attendees enjoy Riverfest activities together with their friends and neighbors inside the festival zone,” Jarvis said.

Because of the lower-priced children’s buttons and the discounted buttons donated via the festival’s charity program, button revenue rose by only 29 percent.

“The price breaks made a real difference in our revenue, but we believe in these initiatives,” said Jarvis. “We sold 14,000 of the new children’s buttons and got great feedback from families. In addition, nearly 4,300 worthy citizens who may not otherwise have had a chance to enjoy Riverfest were our guests, thanks to donors giving nearly $15,000 to the Cessna Aircraft Company Celebrations for a Cause program.”

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