Unwelcome shopper kept from entering grocery store

BLACKSBURG, Virginia (WSLS) – Monday afternoon the South Main Street Kroger in Blacksburg was full of activity as a rattlesnake slithered across the parking lot toward a side door.

Store Manager, Wes Price called 911 and trapped the snake until help could get there

“The thing I was concerned about is our customers were coming in and out of these doors which is a foot or two a way from where this snake was”

The snake turned out to be nearly 3 feetlong, and was identified as a Timber Rattlesnake

In 31 years working for Kroger, the experience is one Price won’t forget.

“This was the scariest thing I have ever had happen” he said.

Price added, “I’m glad we kept him outside and nobody got hurt; that is the important thing.”

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