Archaeologists claim to have discovered King David’s palace

JERUSALEM (AP) — A team of Israeli archaeologists believes it has discovered the ruins of a palace belonging to the biblical King David, but other Israeli experts dispute the claim.

Archaeologists from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel’s Antiquities Authority say the large fortified complex west of Jerusalem is the first palace of the biblical king ever to be discovered.

One of the archeologists who led the dig says the site revealed the best example exposed to date of a fortified city from the time of King David, suggesting that David himself would have used the site. He says his team found “unequivocal evidence” that David and his descendants had ruled at the site, such as cultic objects typically used by Judeans, the subjects of King David.

Critics say the site could have belonged to other kingdoms of the area. The consensus among most scholars is that no definitive physical proof of the existence of King David has been found.

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