Need a tool? Libraries lending more than books

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Mich. (AP) — Need a telescope?

How about a power screwdriver or a video camera?

In communities across the U.S., it’s possible to borrow these items from the local public library instead of forking out cash for something that might only get used a few times.

Libraries in Grosse Pointe Farms and Ann Arbor, Mich.; Oakland, Calif.; and Burlington, Vt., among others, feature what Ann Arbor library official Celeste Choate calls “unusual collections.”

The Grosse Pointe Public Library, for example, offers more than 100 tools — bolt cutters, bow saws and radiator wrenches for those in need of a little DIY assistance.

Carolyn Anthony, president of the national Public Library Association, says tool-lending and the like show libraries will provide “whatever they see as a need in the community.”

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