Movie being shot at Cowtown features two local children

WICHITA, Kansas — Some Hollywood crews have come to Kansas. They’re spending part of the summer at Old Cowtown Museum, shooting a movie about a real-life, serial-killing family that moved to southeast Kansas in 1871.

For most people, the thought of sitting outside in 90-plus degree Midwest heat, wearing hot costumes from the 1800s is less than appealing.

But for two young kids in Wichita, there’s nowhere else they’d rather be.

Chance Caeden, 7, and Reylynn Caster, 10, are both in the cast for the film “The Bender Claim.”

Chance plays the Bender son, John, Jr. Reylynn plays a girl who ends up getting murdered by the Bender family.

This is Chance’s third film and Reylynn’s first, but they’ll both tell you they love acting, and they love filming in their hometown and sleeping in their own beds at night.

“Like I get to be in front of a camera and I get to be on TV,” said Chance.

“I love acting,” said Reylynn. “It’s really cool at the end. You get to actually see what the finished product is and I was real excited when I found out.”

“The Bender Claim” is filming the next few weeks at Cowtown. The film is scheduled for release a year from now.

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