Police give update on why standoff is dragging on

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams talked more Thursday morning about a standoff that is going into day two and why the SWAT team is not being more aggressive.

He said negotiators did make contact with the suspect about 6 a.m.

He said Jared Woosypiti made some demands.

Police would not give in to those demands and the chief says Woosypiti became agitated and refused to talk to anymore.

Now it’s becoming a waiting game for police.

“Some people probably say, ‘Why don’t you go in guns blazing and ram the apartment?’ We’re being very careful, very cautious because we do not want any of our members to get hurt and we do not want to hurt him if we can keep from it,” said Chief Norman Williams.

The chief says electricity to the suspect’s apartment has been cut so officers are prepared to “sweat him out” saying as long as Woosypiti is confined and not endangering anyone else, police can wait for him to surrender.

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