The nation’s weather

Weather Underground midday recap for Thursday, July 04, 2013.

Heavy rainfall continued across the Southeast, while the West saw another extremely hot day on Independence Day. A ridge of high pressure in the Atlantic Ocean continued to push warm and moist air northward from the Gulf of Mexico. This allowed for a stationary front to stretch from the Gulf of Mexico through the Great Lakes, which kicked up showers and thunderstorms from the Panhandle of Florida through the Ohio River Valley. Some of these storms turned severe with heavy rainfall, strong winds, and widespread flooding. Flood warnings and advisories remained in effect for most of the Eastern states, while flash flood warnings were issued across northern Florida as extremely heavy rains persisted for the region. Heaviest rainfall to note is 17.44 inches of rain since Tuesday evening reported at Inlet Beach, Florida. Heaviest rainfall for Thursday alone was reported at Crestview, Florida with a mid-day total of 5.92 inches.

Meanwhile in the West, a ridge of high pressure brought yet another extremely hot day to the West Coast. Temperatures over the Desert Southwest were expected to reach near-record breaking values again with highs from 110 to 120 in some areas. Las Vegas, Nevada has seen temperatures at or above 110 degrees since last Thursday. Death Valley, California has reported temperatures at or above 127 degrees for the past 5 days now.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Thursday have ranged from a morning low of 42 degrees at Wolf Creek Pass, Colo. to a midday high of 108 degrees at Henderson, Nev.

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