Cake turns into humorous viral photo

ZIONSVILLE, Indiana – One mother’s attempt to get a graduation cake for her daughter turned into a humorous viral photo.

The cake was supposed to feature a graduation cap on top of the photo of her daughter but the baker misunderstood.

When they opened the cake they found a hand-drawn cat instead, yes the four-legged fuzzy creature perched atop the graduate’s head.

“It just went viral from there. It’s been picked up all over and we’ve been having so much fun with it. We get the comments. The comments the people wrote on the websites have been pretty funny so it’s been fun for us. It’s been more of a graduation celebration than she ever expected,” said Carol Gambrel, mother.

The mistake happens to play off a popular meme (behavior that spreads from person to person) called “cat bearding” where people take their cats and drape them around their chin like a beard and post a photo on-line.

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