Kansas not Krypton is Superman’s home

(AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures, Clay Enos)

With superman flying into theaters a number of Kansas towns are leaping at the chance to claim the iconic hero as their native son.

Hutchinson officials have agreed to rename their community Smallville for one day in a nod to its claim as boyhood home of one of the world’s most recognizable superheros.

But while many agree that Superman’s hometown is somewhere in Kansas, there’s no consensus that Smallville is in the south-central part of the state.

Some fans think Smallville is west of Salina, while others are pretty sure its southwest of Lawrence.

The superhero’s creators chose to place him in Kansas for a reason: so he would learn that super powers without super values are not only useless, they are also dangerous.
The new Superman movie, “Man of Steel,” opening today; Shows Clark Kent watching a KU football game on television and being quizzed as a boy about sunflower state history.
Hutchinson’s name change happens June 21, the day Clark Kent is inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame.

Superman, Dr. James Naismith, legendary 1970s rock band Kansas and the 1st Kansas colored infantry regiment are among the 2013 class of inductees in the Kansas Hall of Fame.

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