Golfer covers up during Air Capital Classic

WICHITA, Kansas — One of the golfers at the Air Capital Classic in Wichita is trying to avoid the sun, but not the spotlight.

As of Friday afternoon, Nathan Tyler is the leader in the golf tournament at Crestview Country Club, 1000 N. 127th East.

He’s also a leader by example in helping others maybe prevent skin cancer.

Even with the sun beating down and temperatures in the upper 90s, Tyler is wearing long sleeves under his golf shirt.

The 30-year-old Tucson, Arizona native had a precancerous growth removed from his lip several years ago and now he protects himself.

Nathan Tyler

“I had a little spot on my lip and I had, watched, basically, them cut a hole in my face and from that point on I’m hiding from the sun,” said Tyler. “I grew up in Arizona and I never put sunscreen on and, you know, I paid for it, so now I’m trying to protect myself and actually, to tell you the truth, they’re actually probably cooler than not wearing them as long as there’s a breeze. If there’s no breeze it’s a little warmer.”

Tyler shot a 65 on Friday and is 10 under for the tournament after the second round.

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