Animal cruelty case involves killing of dogs

A Kingman County man is accused of shooting this dog with a shotgun.

KINGMAN COUNTY, Kansas — A Kingman County man is charged with animal cruelty.

“There are nine alleged felonies here,” explains Kingman County Attorney Matthew W. Ricke. “Eight counts for the dogs that were killed and one for another dog that was wounded. It also appears a 12-gauge shotgun was used.”

Ricke got the case from Kingman County Sheriff’s investigators who say a man decided to shoot the dogs to get rid of them.

“That appears to be the case,” says Kingman County investigator Dustin Cooke. “It’s a case of 13 animals. A portion of those were either injured or killed. The others were saved and were adopted out or given to other persons.”

The Kansas Humane Society says anyone who has a pet they no longer want, or a litter of dogs, should slow down and consider their options.

“There are many resources in our area, even in rural communities, for people who don’t want their animals anymore,” explains Jennifer Campbell, Kansas Humane Society in Wichita. “That’s why we exist, the shelter facilities, your tax dollars support that.”

Campbell says many cruelty to animal cases can be avoided if a pet owner just asks for help.

“Ask. We even have counseling here to help people decide what to do,” says Campbell. “And in more rural areas, you can ask a local vet for their advice. They may not offer services for unwanted animals in all cases, but they are good resources.”

The charges against the Kingman County man also include misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

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