City of Andover hosts concert to test interest in proposed amphitheatre

ANDOVER, Kansas —

The city of Andover has had a proposed outdoor amphitheatre in the works for months.

Now after a series of studies the city is looking to get the public’s input by entertaining them for free.

An empty former Girl Scout camp that in less than two weeks will be filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

“We’re really trying to push the limits of what we think we can handle just to see what would happen,” explains the Mayor of Andover Ben Lawrence.

The past couple of years the community of andover has contemplated and studied the possibility of building a city amphitheatre.

“There are not a lot of communities, especially our size that have an outdoor amphitheatre of the size and scope of what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Lawrence.

Overall capacity for up to 3,500 seats, up to 400 of them permanent.

A trial run for community response will be held June 22nd, a Richard Marx concert.

“You could have something as small as a wedding 300-400 people, summer concert series, the school system, it can have a plethora of uses,” says Lawrence.

A series of studies didn’t convince the city, so they’re looking to the concert to see how the public responds.

Lawrence explains, “We’re looking at this project for two reasons, first is the Andover Convention and Visitor’s Bureau wants to attract people to our community. Number two it’s all about the quality of life in Andover. If we’re gonna do this we want to do it right.”

Tickets to the concert are free.

You can find a list of locations where those tickets are available by clicking here.

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