Brows that get second looks

One of the most underappreciated elements of your face, eyebrows can dramatically change your appearance and bring out your eyes with correct shaping and proper grooming.

More and more, natural eyebrows are in fashion. Thick, even bushy brows are showing up on runways, fashion mags and lookbooks.

To have healthy, well-shaped eyebrows, there are some rules you need to follow.


To pluck or to wax? I think the simple choice here is the amount of money, if any, you plan on spending and the outcome you hope to achieve.

I normally shape by plucking. However, it is a good idea to initially have a professional shape your brows. A professional can help you recognize the shape that looks best for your face, help you create the arch that is the most important feature of your brow and give you tips for self-maintenance.

Waxing is recommended by most aestheticians as the best way to shape your brows, with plucking for maintenance only.


Having the right tools is essential to maintaining your brows. For DIY brow maintenance, four tools should be in your makeup bag.

  • A good pair of tweezers
  • Quality eyebrow pencil in a shade to match your brows
  • An eyebrow brush (you can use a clean mascara wand)
  • High-quality eyebrow gel for shaping


To avoid the “drawn on” look, use your eyebrow pencil to sketch in color and texture that resemble hair.

For fuller, softer-looking brows use a chunkier pencil. For more defined brows, a skinny pencil would be the right choice.

Brush finished brows with a clean mascara wand to shape the hairs the way you want them and set with the eyebrow gel to maintain shape.

Finding your arch:

To find your natural curve, define three points: inner corner, peak of the arch and the outer edge. Brows should be slightly arched, not rounded.

1. Use a makeup brush or a pencil to find where your brow should start by lining up the end of your nose with the inner corner of your eye. The angle should tell you where the starting point should be.

2. To find the peak of the arch, line the pencil up with your nostril and the edge of your iris.

3. For the outside of your brow, line the pencil up with your nostril and the outside corner of your eye.


Pro-tip: If you have thin brows, or have over-plucked, cultivate your brows by applying a little castor oil at night to help with regrowth. You should see some results within 4-6 weeks.


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