5 tips for finding a wedding planner

Whether you are planning a small, intimate gathering or an over-the-top celebration for your wedding, an event planner can be the key to success. Even more important is choosing the right one.

When searching for an event planner service that best matches your needs, the experts at Snappening.com, an event and wedding planning online service, offer a few basic tips to help you find the perfect special event planner.


Look for an event planner who has a variety of affiliations and credentials.Do they have an established history of successfully planned events and leadership positions in their field? Has the planner added professional credentials or designations to their business?  Knowing these details might help you differentiate one provider from another.


Always ask for references and follow up with them. A proven, successful planner will have plenty, and will gladly provide them to you.


If you’re trying to find a planner that best suits your needs, make sure that you have a rough idea of budget, size of event, and preference for either a full-service “guide you every step of the way” or more passive consultancy


A free event planner is hard to find unless you plan on hiring family members or friends. Always make sure that you have the professional planner’s costs determined before hiring. Make sure that the planner’s fees are separate from any vendors’ fees. If they’re not, insist that the fee structure be disclosed so that there are no surprises.


Perhaps the most important tip we can provide is making sure that the planner you hire is somebody who listens, respects your wishes and is willing to give you undivided attention. You will be spending a lot of time with your planner, and if you’re miserable along the way, you’ll regret your decision.

About Snappening

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