Ottawa County tornado rated as an EF-4

Photo courtesy: Bethanie McDowell, taken in Ottawa County

OTTAWA COUNTY, Kansas — A tornado that touched down Tuesday around 5:40 p.m. in southern Ottawa county has been rated as an EF-4.

Ottawa Tornado Path

The tornado then turned north and eventually moved back to the southwest toward the intersection of County Road 106 and Highway 18.

The tornado was on the ground for around one hour and at times was between one half and three quarters of a mile wide.

No serious injuries or fatalities occurred, but over 100 head of cattle were lost.

Damage to structures within the path yielded EF-3 damage.

Supplemental data provided by mobile doppler radar sampled winds suggest that it was a violent tornado.

Therefore, it was rated an EF-4.

Also this week, there was an EF-3 tornado in Smith and Nemaha counties and and EF-2 in Marshall County.



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