River ice jam that led to Alaska flooding churns

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – A massive river ice jam that caused major flooding in a remote Alaska town is starting to churn as chunks break away from it after the high water forced most of the town’s residents to flee.

National Weather Service hydrologist Ed Plumb says a flyover Wednesday afternoon revealed chunks of ice at the front of the 30-mile ice jam on the Yukon River have broken off. That indicates the jam will finally move and waters will recede in the waterlogged town of Galena, 20 miles upriver.

The flooding lifted homes off foundations and has threatened to break a dike protecting the airport, virtually the only dry spot left in the community of 500 where floodwaters washed out roads and submerged homes.

The National Guard flew 32 more people and 19 dogs to Fairbanks Tuesday night.

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