Students are excited for new WSU dorm, leery of parking

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita State University sophomore Michaela Liebst says she’s heard the rumors of impending construction on campus.

“Construction is going to be hard to get used to. It needs to get done quickly,” said Liebst.

It’s the construction of a brand new freshman dorm.

“This is the obvious thing, but it’s location. I mean you’re going to be on central campus, others on external part so you have to walk, it’s going to be really neat. It’s going to be right here,” said Steve Larson, Wichita State Director of Housing.

Come next fall the new dorm will sit where 600 parking spaces are, while the dorm is pushing the parking spaces, it’s good for students, minutes away from any action on campus.

“Definitely here especially. It is kind of a commuter college so it’s hard to meet people if you don’t live here so it think it’s really important,” said Liebst.

The new dorm will replace both Wheatshocker and Brennan Halls adding housing for 170 more students.

Perimeter Road and Alumni Drive will be pedestrian only, and there’s rumors of a new coffee shop.

“There’s a lot of people excited about coffee. The ability for us to have a retail option. Everybody’s excited about,” said Larson.

The current parking will move.

“We’re going to be adding spots its called the Heskett Center play field, and they’re talking about doing shuttles from the Metroplex and we’re trying to be creative and look at some other options,” said Larson.

Construction is scheduled to start after Memorial Day.

Both the new dorm and the new student center should open in the fall of 2014.

There’s no name for the new dorm yet. It is a work still in progress.

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