Lots of hail and some damage in Western Kansas

WICHITA — The spring storms rolling over Wichita this week have been more bark than bite. At least it’s not snow.

Courtesy: Jeremy Holm
Courtesy: Jeremy Holm

“These storms have been very active and have been dumping some heavy rain,” explained KSN Meteorologist J.D. Rudd. “We do still need rain in many parts of Kansas, so the rain without any significant damage reports is a welcome report.”

Dozens of hail reports came pouring in, during the early evening hours as the storm poured over the top of Wichita. None of the hail reportedly did major damage in the metro.

While Russell and Ellis counties had confirmed funnel clouds, there were reports those funnels became tornadoes for just under five minutes. No tornadoes reportedly did any damage.

In WIchita, ping-pong to golf ball sized hail was reported at the intersection of Maple and Maize in Wichita, with dozens of other reports across the metro.

“The storms have been active,” says Rudd. “Sporadic accounts of power lines down from some high winds. But, all things considered, nothing major.”

In Garden City, several mobile homes lost a roof because of high winds.

“Straight line winds,” explains Rudd. “There were also reports of power poles blown down for about a mile along highway 156 in that area.”

So what does the future hold?

Rudd says there is a slight chance for rain later this week but we can look forward to sunny skies for several days beginning Sunday.

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