Toll in Bangladesh building collapse passes 300

SAVAR, Bangladesh (AP) – It’s been more than two days since a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, but authorities say at least some workers are still alive in the debris today — pinned beneath tons of mangled metal and concrete.

Rescuers continue the effort to save them, knowing they probably have just a few hours to live.

The number of dead has topped 300, and it’s unclear what the final toll will be. A military spokesman told reporters that 304 bodies had been recovered.

A general who is overseeing rescue operations says 2,200 people have been saved. Garment manufacturers say the building employed more than 3,100 workers, but it’s not clear how many of them were inside when it collapsed Wednesday in a suburb of the capital, Dhaka.

Rescue workers say they are proceeding very cautiously inside the crumbling building, using the hands, hammers and shovels.

A military official says the rescue operations will continue until at least Saturday.


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