Patients moved to safety after gas leak

Gas leak near Hutchinson Clinic
Emergency crews monitor a gas leak near the Hutchinson Clinic.

HUTCHINSON, Kansas — Crews are investigating a gas leak near 20th and Waldron in Hutchinson.

Reno County Emergency Manager Bill Guy says contractors ruptured a gas line near the Hutchinson Clinic and the Hutchinson hospital around 4:00 Monday afternoon.

Police shut down traffic in the area as crews worked to contain the leak.

Close to 200 patients and workers in the Hutchinson Clinic were moved to a safer area of the building. Other businesses had to evacuate.

Reno County dispatchers were told the hospital was evacuating but that was incorrect. Instead, the hospital was on standby to evacuate if the wind shifted.

By 6:45 p.m., workers shut off the gas. Traffic is still limited in the area, but patients and clinic workers are being allowed to go home.

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