Supersized Pong

Shown is the Cira Centre in Philadelphia. The classic Atari video game will come to life on the facade of the 29-story skyscraper. Hundreds of built-in LED lights will replicate the familiar paddles and ball. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – What could be the biggest game of “Pong” is underway in Philadelphia.

The classic Atari video game is being played on the facade of a mirrored, 29-story skyscraper.

Pong is considered one of the first arcade games.  Created in 1972, it started the video game industry.  Pong is a simulated Tennis game, using paddles.  The first home version was released in 1975 exclusively to Sears.

Hundreds of built-in LED lights embedded in the north face of the Cira Centre are replicating the familiar paddles and ball with gamers controlling giant, table-mounted joysticks across the Schuylkill River from the building.

It’s being played Friday and Wednesday to bookend Philly Tech Week, an annual series of events, seminars and workshops spotlighting the city’s technology and innovation communities.

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