Homeless look for shelter with record cold expected

WICHITA , Kansas — With record lows overnight, area homeless shelters were filling fast.

“We are just glad we can offer some help,” says Union Rescue Mission Director Denny Bender. ”

We do see a spike in attendance on our colder nights. We can house anywhere from 120 to 170 men a night.”

The Rescue Mission is on North Hillside, but they offer a free bus service to get the men to the Mission.

Several of the homeless going to the Mission say they are thankful for a place to stay.

“Yes, it’s dangerously cold when it gets like this,” said one homeless man. “And some of the guys stay outside in this. They stay under bridges. Not me. Too dangerous.”

Bender says they also offer food, along with a place to stay.

” We’re glad we can provide a respite for the men to get out of the elements,” says Bender. “And we provide a warm meal.  Both an evening meal and a breakfast before they leave us at seven in the morning.”






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