Passengers in Wichita hit by American Airlines no fly


Wichita, Kansas — As American Airlines stopped all its flights because of a computer reservation problem Tuesday, some Wichita passengers booked on American found themselves.

“Well they just said there a computer systems issue. Some kind of crash in the system and they had to wait while they got it online,” says Cody Chase.

Chase is from San Diego and was trying to arrive in Wichita to visit family. He finally got to Wichita, but sat in the plane on the tarmac for a long time.

“An hour and a half,” says Chase. “Usually I actually do fly American a lot. But they lost my bag and I’ve kind of had it with them. I might switch to a different airline.”

Chase was not alone, as thousands of passengers were stuck while American Airlines fixed the computer glitch. American did get passenger service up and running again around four in the afternoon.

Not soon enough for Mike Sikes of Derby.

“I’ve been here since about ten thirty this morning and now I’m just waiting on my wife to come pick me up and call it a day,” said Sikes shortly before four in the afternoon. ”

Sikes was to fly through Dallas on his way to Austin for a business meeting. He did not make the meeting. He says he may not book on American for his next flight.

“But I’ll have to think twice to be honest with you,” says Sikes. “I usually don’t fly American, not for any particular reason. But now I have a reason not to.”

American was very apologetic and said it is offering full refunds to anyone who makes the request. The airline also says it is paying for anyone who booked on another airline and has to pay more for the flight.

American flights have been moving as of four in the afternoon Tuesday.


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