Baghdad attacks kill at least 55

BAGHDAD (AP) — At least 55 people are dead after a series of car bomb attacks and other strikes by insurgents in Iraq today.

The assault appeared to be the work of a resurgent al-Qaida in Iraq. And it appeared aimed at creating fear in Iraqis, days before the country’s first elections since the pullout of U.S. troops.

Iraqi officials believe the al-Qaida branch is growing stronger, and that it is increasingly coordinating with allies fighting to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad across the border.

The deadliest of today’s attacks hit Baghdad, where multiple car bombs and other explosions killed 25 people.

Two more car bombs exploded in a parking lot near the heavily-guarded entrances to Baghdad International Airport. Three people were killed, including a bodyguard of a Shiite lawmaker whose convoy was passing by. The lawmaker wasn’t hurt.

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