Spring storm delays travel and Expo in Great Bend

Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo slightly delayed due to ice storm.

GREAT BEND, Kansas – The recent spring storm finished passing through Central Kansas Wednesday morning, but it left some challenges for the area.

“To experience ice on the vehicle this morning, was a little bit of a shock,” said Mark Baltzley.

It’s hard for some to believe it’s spring with ice, strong winds and hail striking the center of the state. The ice set the storm apart from the previous blasts this year.

“It’s really difficult. We try to get around as quick as we can, it’s just really hard when everything ices all of a sudden, and then those conditions are hanging in with you overnight. Its just a tough battle, but we’re winning,” said Darrin Brown, Area KDOT superintendent.

Law enforcement also saw more success on the roads, this time around.

“A couple accidents this morning I should say, but relatively or overall most of the people driving did a pretty decent job this morning,” said Lt. Rick Popp, Barton County Sheriff’s Office.

While drivers slowed down, the annual Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo did as well. The expo opened one hour later due to the ice conditions.

“Today, it’s been pretty quiet. I think tomorrow being what it’s going to be, it should be a lot better turnout for us,” explained Mark Baltzley, an expo vendor.

In the meantime, Baltzley brought a heater to the expo.

“People hanging out here all day, getting free heat samples,” added Baltzley.

While he and others tried to remain warm, they’re looking forward to what the expo brings to farming communities.

“Bringing everybody together to see whats out there, and to network and to see whats going on and whats new. It’s just great education for folks,” said Jennifer Stoddard of Rosewood Ranch, an expo vendor.

The Farm and Ranch Expo in Great Bend runs through Friday. For a complete list of activities, schedules and vendors click here

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