Gaza group: Hamas shaves heads for ‘indecent’ hair

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A rights group says police in Hamas-ruled Gaza are arresting, beating and shaving the heads of young men who sport what they consider “indecent” hair styles.

Witnesses say those targeted wore their hair long or styled into tall spikes.

Since seizing Gaza in 2007, the Islamic militant Hamas has been slowly imposing its fundamentalist version of Islam on the already-conservative Gaza. This includes getting women to cover up with headscarves and long robes.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said Sunday that the latest crackdown is over hair styles. The group quotes a young man who says he was among 13 who were detained by police and had their heads shaved

Police spokesman Ayman Batniji says the police have shaved the heads of some detainees, but denies it’s a campaign.

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