FINALS WATCH: Little guys, big stage

ATLANTA (AP) — Louisville and Michigan fans aren’t the only ones left partying in Atlanta.

It’s time for the Division II and Division III national championship games. He will be played Sunday at Philips Arena, a short walk from where those two will play for the Division I title Monday night.

First up is Amherst takes on Mary Hardin-Baylor in the D-3 title game, followed by Drury and Metropolitan State for the D-2 title. The games are being played as part of Final Four weekend for the first time as the NCAA celebrates its 75th anniversary.

And while they may not be as numerous, fans of all four schools are just as vocal.

There was a contingent of about a dozen students who drove from Texas to root on Mary-Hardin Baylor, and they made quite a racket a couple hours before tip as they marched toward the arena dressed in everything from a garish golden toga to a snazzy purple bodysuit.

When one curmudgeon shot them a “keep it quiet” glance, one of the students replied cheerily, “I didn’t drive 16 hours not to yell!”

— Dave Skretta —


NCAA Finals Watch follows the Final Four games and all the activities surrounding the event as seen by journalists from The Associated Press from across Atlanta. It will be updated throughout the day with breaking news and other items of interest. Follow AP reporters on Twitter where available.

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