When The Sky Goes Boom

Sky Goes Boom bookby Dave Freeman,
Chief Meteorologist, KSNW TV


Randy Axelrod, MD Pediatrician


Greg Ramey, PhD Child Psychologist

With Illustrations by Dee Moorman

Fear of thunderstorms often shows itself in 3-5 year old children, and this delightful coloring book is just what the doctor ordered–literally!  Pediatrician Randy Axelrod approached Chief Meteorologist Dave Freeman some years ago saying there was a need for a storybook for small children that would reassure them about thunderstorms.  “Why don’t you write something?” was Dr. Axelrod’s challenge.

“Why don’t you help?” was Dave’s response!  So, with the help of child psychologist Greg Ramey and illustrator Dee Moorman, When the Sky Goes Boom was created.

Your child will enjoy watching as Dave the Weatherman magically steps into the world of his two young friends, Robbie and Dana, to calm them as a storm approaches.


These wonderful coloring books will help your child through those bumps in the night!  And, the best part is, they are free thanks to the KSN PinPoint Weather Center!

Just contact the KSN PinPoint Weather Center to ask about getting a copy!  We are happy to provide quantities to teachers!

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