Shocker players spend the day doing interviews

WSU Shocker player Carl Hall
Carl Hall meets with the press Tuesday in Atlanta.
WICHITA, Kansas — The Shockers are headed to the Final Four, and everybody wants to talk to them.
Players and coaches spending a big part of Tuesday doing interviews with national and local media.
The opportunity is not just incredible for the team but for the Wichita State brand.
Nearly 15 interviews were conducted with various networks and national radio talk shows.Despite all the attention, the players seemed subdued and focused.

“I like that we have fun now. We have not squelched any enthusiasm. It has been really fun. We had fun in practice. It was a great workout. We went hard and short. They had a tremendous spirit about them,” said Coach Gregg Marshall.

“A very mature team. Everybody is trying to soak all this up and take this one day at a time. That has been our motto since we started playing in the NCAA,” said Carl Hall, Wichita State Senior.

“It is real. It is real. It is not a dream. You just have to continue realize that there is a lot more to accomplish,” said Cleanthony Early, Wichita State Junior.

The team also had conference call interviews from writers all over the country.

A lot more interviews are expected when the team arrives in Atlanta later this week.

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