KSN weather on your page

If you would like to have KSN Weather on your website, merely cut and paste the code below into an area of your web page that can display a 160-pixel column. The result will be a column that looks exactly like you will see to the right. This isn’t set up for email and requires a permanent connection to the Internet (data is retrieved when the web page is loaded).

By providing you with adjustable variables, you can have weather displayed from any of our four satellite stations including: Wichita (KSNW), Great Bend (KSNC), Garden City (KSNG) and McCook / Oberlin (KSNK).

Cut and paste code below into your web page HTML source code:

<SCRIPT language=”JavaScript”
<SCRIPT language=”JavaScript”>
<!– Begin
var region = ‘W’;
var currents = 1;
var forecast = 1;
var radar = 1;
// End –>
Current weather information requires
a browser that supports JavaScript.

To adjust the display of the KSN weather column, you can adjust four variables according to the chart below. If any variables are omitted, you will receive the default data listed below in bold.

region: [W,C,G,K] for Wichita, Great Bend, Garden City or McCook / Oberlin respectively
currents: [0,1] 0 turns off display of currents and 1 turns it on.
forecast: [0,1] 0 turns off display for 7-day forecast graphic, 1 turns it on.
radar: [0,1] 0 turns off display of radar thumbnail link, 1 turns it on.

If you have questions or comments, email Kevin White. Unfortunately, We cannot talk you through installing this code into your web page. If you don’t understand the instructions above, then we would suggest asking someone with experience creating web pages.

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