Halloween Flood of ’98

Storm Total Rainfalls from the KSN PinPoint Weather Center Network
The KSN PinPoint Weather Center Network, consisting of 68 schools and learning centers across Kansas, provides outstanding opportunities for students to learn about weather every day. In the Flood of ’98, the Network also provided us with an unmatched view of the incredible rainfall between Friday, October 30, and Tuesday, November 3.

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The Flood of ’98

(Rain amounts in inches)

Andover Middle School 8.50
Arlington Fairfield East Elem. 6.02
Arkansas City Middle School 6.40
Attica High School 11.23
Atwood Elementary School 2.08
Augusta Garfield Elementary 8.82
Benton Elementary School NA
Brookville Ell-Saline M.S. 5.89
Cheney Middle School 10.96
Clearwater Middle School 9.93
Deerfield Middle School 5.13
Derby St. Mary’s School 9.71
Dighton Elementary School 3.51
Dodge City Linn Elementary 6.08
El Dorado Jefferson Elementary 9.74
Ellinwood Middle School 4.75
Ellsworth High School 3.30
Garden City Bernadine Sitts Int. 7.72
Garden City Richardson Zoo 4.81
Goddard Clark-Davidson Elem. 9.34
Goessel Elementary School 9.19
Great Bend Middle School 4.27
Grinnell High School 3.30
Halstead Middle School 8.72
Harper Co. Chaparral H.S. 9.55
Haysville Oatville School 8.28
Herndon School 1.29
Hill City Elementary NA
Hillsboro Middle School 10.34
Hutchinson Avenue A School 5.64
Hutchinson Dillon Nature Center 7.94
Hutchinson KS Cosmosphere 7.65
Ingalls Grade School 4.20
Jetmore Grade School 4.01
Kiowa South Barber Elementary 10.46
Larned Middle School 4.77
Liberal South Middle School 5.14
Lincoln Jr./Sr. High School 3.35
Lost Springs Grade School 10.37
Luray Lucas Elementary School 5.02
Maize High School 8.54
McPherson Washington Elem. 8.12
Meade Elementary School 8.13
Mulvane Grade School 7.24
Ness City Grade School 5.79
Newton Chisholm Middle School 10.37
Norton Community High School 3.29
Oberlin Elementary School 2.02
Offerle Middle School 6.35
Osborne Elementary 2.74
Pratt Southwest Elementary 5.17
Rolla Grade School 2.45
Russell Ruppenthal M.S. 1.82
Scott City Middle School 3.57
South Haven High School 7.93
Sterling Grade School 5.95
Stockton Elementary School NA
Syracuse Jr./Sr. High School 2.25
Ulysses Hickok Elementary 5.04
Valley Center West Elementary 12.30
Whitewater Remington M.S. 9.55
Wichita Anderson Elementary 6.13
Wichita Brooks Middle School 12.66
Wichita East High School 9.28
Wichita Heights High School 6.09
Wichita L’Ouverture C.T.M. 8.66
Wichita North High School NA
Winfield Irving Elementary 6.00


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