Police arrest man in connection with several robbery cases

Wichita police arrested David L. White in connection with several robberies.

WICHITA, Kansas — Wichita police say they arrested 25-year-old David White in connection to four robberies in the south part of the city.

They occurred Monday and early Tuesday in the 2500 block of East Lincoln, 1900 block of West May, 800 block of West 26th Street South and the 3400 block of South Leonine.

A 73-year-old man, a victim of the robbery on West 26th Street, died Tuesday from a possible medical condition that may have been related to the crime.

In all cases, the victims report that the suspect approached them near their cars, demanded money and pointed a gun at them.

The thief got away with keys, cell phones and wallets.

“He had a gun and is a felon so he has a charge of possession of a firearm as a felon,” said Lt. Doug Nolte, Wichita Police Department.

The case will be presented to the district attorney later this week for formal charges.

Police are still looking into whether other suspects may be involved.

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