Popular restaurant reopens in Wichita

Tanya Tandoc talks about her new restaurant January 27th, 2011.

WICHITA, Kansas — In the heart of the Douglas design district, across from the Donut Whole, you will soon see a familiar name gracing the marque as Tanya’s Soup Kitchen returns to Wichita.

“It’s really big news,” said Tanya Tandoc. “I’m super excited about it.”

Owner Tanya Tandoc closed her first restaurant in 2004 when her lease wasn’t renewed. Now, nearly seven years later, she’s bringing back the Wichita staple to a new location and adding a new member to her team.

Warren Tandoc is Tanya’s brother. He is also a chef. While he can’t wait to get in the kitchen, his focus – like his sister’s — will be on customer service.

“I think we’re all feeling that responsibility and embracing it as part of why we want to do this so we can more fully embody the fact that we make food for people that we love,” said Warren.

And they make food that people — Tanya’s loyal customers — love.

“They remember so many specific things about the restaurant,” said Tanya. “We’re not going to change very much of the menu. We might add a sandwich or two. Everything will stay the same and I think the prices will stay the same.”

While the menu at this new location will stay the same, the way you are served will be changing. Instead of someone waiting on you, customers will go to a counter to order and runners will bring the food out to you.

“It’ll just make it faster and easier,” said Tanya.

Faster and easier to get you the food you’ve missed over the past seven years.

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