Local restaurant loses its location

Tanya Tandoc talks with KSN about losing the lease on her restaurant April 22, 2004.

WICHITA, Kansas — Tanya Tandoc has a tale to tell. It’s sort of a David versus Goliath with a local small business owner versus a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Only this time around, the little guy loses.

“I’m disappointed and I’m sad because I love this building,” said Tanya. “But I’ve cried my tears.”

Cox Communications refused to renew her lease so her restaurant must be gone by September 30th. But instead of closing, the soup kitchen is actually looking to expand.

So despite these rumors, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen will not go out of business. Farm from it in fact. They are looking forward to relocating into a much larger location and staying right here in Old Town.

“I love Old Town,” said Tanya. “And I think that really the soul of the city and the flavor of the city comes from its downtown.”

Some would also argue that a lot of that flavor comes from this renowned kitchen.

Tanya has a reputation for being “different”. She enjoys hiring artists and actors as waiters and busboys. And while she welcomes the challenge of expanding her business, she admits that moving will not be easy.

“It feels like home you know,” said Tanya. “It is. I’ve slept here. I eat here every day and my family works here.”

And soon, they will be moving.

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